IceWeb and the Web Awards will be held on the 26th of January 2018

Íslensku vefverðlaunin will be held on Friday 26 January in Silfurberg Harpa. The fun begins with an aperitif and light refreshments at. 17.30 but the awards ceremony starts punctually at. 18th

This year it is necessary to sign up for the awards ceremony. All members of the SVEF get free of charge. Others pay 4.900 ISK to meet the costs.

The IceWeb conference will be held the same day in Harpa starting in the afternoon, 13-17. We encourage all web lovers to attend # iceweb2018 to sign up for the conference as soon as possible.

There is a huge and versatile group of speakers. Interesting discussions about UX, web programming, web design, accessabilty issues, etc. This is a conference that no web professional should miss.

  • General price 16.990 ISK
  • Price for members of SVEF 12.990 ISK
  • Special price for students and those outside the labor market 4.990 ISK