"The Icelandic Web Awards is an annual web industry celebration, held with the goal of strengthening the industry, awarding the best work, and encouraging professionals in the field."

The Icelandic Web Award Methodology

The jury carefully reviews the nominated wort and selects those that excel in each category. In previous rounds, five websites are selected in each category. In the second round, a single web is selected as the winner in the category. The jury consists of 7-8 persons working in the web industry. The board of the SVEF appoints the jury and can also choose from nominated professionals. Emphasis is placed on creating a broad group consisting of people with different expertise and working with different companies.

The categories for the Icelandic Web Awards

The Icelandic Web Awards for the year of 2018 will be organized in 11 categories:

The categories applicable:
Company website (small companies)
Company website (medium companies)
Company website (large companies)
Marketing website
E-commerce website
Content- and news website
Government website
Web system
Pet project

The judging panel also chooses two extra awards for the projects that excelled.
Design and interface
Website of the year

Winners over the years

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