SVEF’s Laws


The organization is called The Icelandic Web Industry Association, abbreviated as SVEF.


The organization’s domicile is located in Reykjavík


SVEF’s goal is spreading knowledge and connecting people in the web industry.


The role of the organization is to:

  • Hold the Icelandic Web Awards every year
  • Create a forum for professional discussion, knowledge, and relationships between members
  • Plan and hold regular events


Everyone who works or is interested in the web industry has the right to become a member.


The Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting and shall include members of SVEF, a chairman and six co-directors. The board appoints a Chief Executive Officer and supervises the work. The CEO is responsible for the management of the organization, daily operations and more.
Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected for a term of two years at a time, and the Board shall alternate, but the Chairman shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
The board itself carries out tasks and elects a vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer and appoints another office. If votes are equal at Board meetings, the Chairman’s vote shall determine. Candidates for the Board of Directors shall be sent to the Board no later than the day before the Annual General Meeting.
The board appoints a managing director and supervises his work. The managing director is responsible for the management of the organization, daily operations and follow-up, including. finances towards the board. The organization’s corporate identity is in the hands of the Board.


The Annual General Meeting shall have the highest authority in the affairs of the organization and shall be held no later than May each year. The Annual General Meeting is legally convened to him with at least two weeks’ notice in a verifiable manner. Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting have those who are registered in the organization and who have paid an annual fee to the organization. Each voting member has one vote and decides the power of the vote on the case, unless otherwise stated in the organization’s law.

The agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall be as follows:

  • Election of chairman and secretary
  • Report submitted by the Board
  • Accounts submitted for approval
  • Legislative amendments
  • Decision on membership fees
  • Election of the Board
  • Election of two surveyors’ accounts
  • Other issues
  • An extraordinary general meeting shall be convened as soon as possible if the majority of the board or at least a quarter of the members request it in writing and submit a proposal for the agenda.

The organization’s term of office is between the annual general meeting and the fiscal year is the calendar year. The report of the board of directors shall draw up the results of the previous working period.


The organization’s law may be amended at an annual general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting with the approval of two-thirds of the votes. Proposals for legislative amendments shall be available for inspection by members before the Annual General Meeting is held.


The organization’s annual fee is determined at the Annual General Meeting on the proposal of the Board of Directors, it must be moderate and collected annually.


The organization’s operating surplus shall be used to strengthen the organization’s operations.


If a proposal for the dissolution of the organization is presented, that proposal must be approved by two-thirds of the voting meeting. However, it cannot be processed unless at least one-fifth of the members attend the Annual General Meeting. If the required meeting cannot be reached, an extension meeting shall be called for within a month. The meeting can process the proposal regardless of the number of attendees.

Should the organization be discontinued, its assets shall be disposed of in accordance with the purpose and / or role of the organiation. Members are not entitled to the organization’s assets.

Approved at the Annual Meeting of SVEF May 19, 2016

SVEF's Supporters

SVEF has good sponsors, but since we are a nonprofit organization, we can always accept support to further strengthen the association's work. Want to join the group? Please contact us!