SVEF’s Board of Directors
2021 – 2022

The Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting and shall include members of SVEF, a chairman and six co-directors. The board appoints a Chief Executive Officer and supervises the work.

Here is a list of past Board of Directors.

Bjarki Steinn Birgisson

Board member - Graphic designer at Quest Portal

Guðmundur Ingvi Einarsson

Chairman of the board - Web manager at Veritas

Experienced web manager interested in all things digital, marketing and building brand equity. Employed at Veritas where he manages the group's online presence.

Hugrún Rúnarsdóttir

Board member - Digital Designer at Aranja

Linda Lyngmo

Board member - Management Consultant focusing on Digital Development at Júní

Stefán Freyr Björnsson

Board member - Web manager and web development Aldeilis

SVEF's Supporters

SVEF has good sponsors, but since we are a nonprofit organization, we can always accept support to further strengthen the association's work. Want to join the group? Please contact us!