SVEF’s Board of Directors
2018 – 2019

The Board of Directors is elected at the annual meeting and shall include members of SVEF, a chairman and six co-directors. The board appoints a Chief Executive Officer and supervises the work.

Here is a list of past Board of Directors.

Anna Signý Guðbjörnsdóttir

Board Director - UX Researcher, Kolibri

Imaginative, creative and impatient twin mom and wife who loves spicy food, good coffee and online shopping. Loves her job and is very passionate about UX and innovation.

Arnór Bogason

Board Director - Web Designer

A creative humorist interested in most things related to the communication of content and data. A user-oriented designer with a strong connection to code. A DJ and a movie buff in his free time.

Benedikt Valdez

Board Member - Web Developer, Össur HQ

Father, husband, creator, developer, musician, photographer. Create things at Össur, make JSConf Iceland happen and a board member of SVEF.

Birgitta Ósk Rúnarsdóttir

Board Member - Project Manager, Sendiráðið

A cheerful and happy gourmet enthusiast who likes to travel and exercise. Loves working with people and taking on creative tasks.

Daníel Rúnarsson

Board Member - Project Manager

Numbers nerd who prefers to dig into large Excel sheets. Enjoys creating something new and see others use it in their daily lives. Most likely the only board member who doesn't drink coffee.

Ingunn Róbertsdóttir

Board Member - UI Designer, Kolibri

Calm UI designer with a splash of programming knowledge who likes to travel, relax in nature, sing, draw, take photos and hug cats 🐱

SVEF's Supporters

SVEF has good sponsors, but since we are a nonprofit organization, we can always accept support to further strengthen the association's work. Want to join the group? Please contact us!