What does SVEF do and how did it all start?

SVEF annually holds the Icelandic Web Awards, but the first awards ceremony was held in 2000. The company hosts the IceWeb conference, which is an ambitious international web conference, as well as a number of smaller lectures, discussions and meetups for members.
The members of SVEF are about 300 people and come from various areas of the industry, but among the members are techies, developers, designers, testers, marketing managers, managing directors, teachers, etc.

In the autumn of 2005, a group of techies met over a beer and discussed the latest technology and science. This group agreed that there was a need to share knowledge within the web business and was therefore initiated to establish an organization for this.

An initial meeting was held on Wednesday 14 December 2005 at Íslandsbanki's premises at Kirkjusandur. About 40 people within the web industry attended the meeting where the company's law was reviewed and approved, in addition to which the first board of directors was elected.

The first IceWeb conference was launched promptly, as well as the popular beer nights. SVEF began to hold the Icelandic web awards and still does it today.

SVEF's Supporters

SVEF has good sponsors, but since we are a nonprofit organization, we can always accept support to further strengthen the association's work. Want to join the group? Please contact us!